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Getting Your Volunteer Hours Approved or Certified

This page provides information on having your volunteer hours certified or approved.

Recording Your Hours

First, you must log your volunteer hours on the site using one of two different ways:

  1. You can join a project and click the "Add/Edit Volunteer Hours" from the project page, or
  2. You can log the hours for unaffiliated projects from your My Impact page.

Any hours that you create using these methods will not yet be approved or certified.

Approval of Volunteer Hours

If you logged your hours for a project on the Be Hands On site using method #2 above, the volunteer leader who runs the project will have the opportunity to approve those hours. The hours that you've logged will appear on the leader's Verify Volunteer Hours page and he/she can approve the hours. Once the hours are approved, they will automatically be marked as such in your profile.

Certification of Volunteer Hours

If you need an additional level of certification for your hours (to satisfy a graduation requirement, for example), you may also be able to associate yourself with a "Certifying Organization". A certifying organization is a group that has been nominated by Hands On Network to provide an official seal of approval for volunteer hour records. In general, you already need to have a relationship with a particular certifying organization (such as being one of its students or regular volunteers) in order to have them certify your hours.

To associate yourself with a certifying organization, go to your My Account page, click "Edit Profile", and then select a value from the "This partner organization will certify my hours" dropdown.

Once you have selected a certifying organization, they will automatically receive reports of hours that you have submitted. They will also be able to certify those hours online and they will automatically appear on your transcript once they have been posted.

If you are interested in having your organization become a certifying organization, please contact [email protected]!

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