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Appreciate volunteers...

The volunteers who work with you will invest a great deal of time, energy and effort to make your volunteer activity successful. People tend to excel when they are recognized for their hard work. You’ll probably take time to say “thank you” to your volunteers throughout the project. Don’t forget to make time to formally recognize them, too.

Remember that the celebration or party that you organize is also great opportunity to thank and recognize your volunteers. You can use what you learn about your volunteers and the way they would most like to be appreciated, and incorporate this into your post-activity event. An award ceremony with certificates or prizes for volunteers may be appropriate, or simply a short speech in which you take the time to verbally recognize volunteers by name or accomplishments could to the trick as well.

...and celebrate a successful service activity:

Celebration is a necessary part of the service experience. It gives the volunteers – as well as the people they’ve helped – a chance to celebrate what they’ve done. Celebration helps everyone recognize the impact of the service, and it will also bring a sense of closure to the project. Celebration can be formal or informal, planned or spontaneous . . . whatever is more comfortable for you!

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