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More organizing tools for students:

Developing a service project can sound overwhelming at first.  These tips and tools will show you how to get started, and then how to become (and stay) organized, ensuring that, when the time comes, your service project will run smoothly and successfully.

Choosing a Service Project

Planning a Service Project

  • Project Plan - an easy to use and important tool for organizing a service project
  • Task List - a tool that can be used to stay on track throughout the project
  • Resource List - a method that can aid in identifying what you will need for a successful project

Getting Financially Organized

  • Budget Worksheet - how to create a realistic and clear budget
  • Find Money - information on where and how to find the physical and monetary resources for a service project

Recording and Reporting

  • Why Keep Track - information on why recording and reporting statistics about a service project can be useful. Includes several downloadable forms and tools such as volunteer sign-in sheets.

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