Every Change Counts

Create a profile, and all the good work that you do will be tracked in your own civic transcript. As you participate in acts of change, you will also be creating a “resume of good” to use and share.

Within your civic transcript, each project you start or participate in is recorded. So not only will you be adding to the accumulation of change for the greater good, your actions will be recorded, so that you will be able to see how great of an impact you have had as an individual.

With each action or contribution, your transcript will grow and become greater. Then, you can use the transcript to accompany your grades with an application to a college, or it can be the first reference a prospective employer sees when you apply for a job, or it can just be a part of your profile online for others to see.

Making a difference makes a difference.

A civic imprint is created by making positive changes in the world.
Be Hands On, and make doing good count.
When it's all counted, we see change is bigger with all of us involved.


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