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Featured Project: Project Countdown

We all have the power to be the change. Join us, show the world that you re making a difference by enrolling in “Project Countdown”.

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Ready, Set - Organizing Projects

Making a difference can be easy - especially if you're organized.

Leading Others in Service (video)
Get inspired to involve others in volunteer service.
Developing Volunteer Projects (video)
How volunteer service can help meet critical community needs.
Developing Volunteer Projects Toolkit
Timelines, checklists, tips for managing projects. It's all here!

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Recruiting, retaining, and recognizing volunteers.

Recruiting and Leading Volunteers (video)
You're organized. How do you involve others?
Ideas for Recruiting Volunteers
At work. At school. Ideas that work for getting people to pitch in!
Volunteer Recognition Ideas
You're organized. How do you involve others?
Work together. Serve together. A toolkit.
Surveys. Checklists. Guides. Forms. Everything you need for a successful corporate project.
Communicating with Volunteers
A few thoughts on how to communicate effectively.
Managing Volunteers' Personalities
Here are some ideas to channel everyone's enthusiasm effectively.

Going Deeper - Reflecting On Service

The service experience is deeper when you take time to reflect - alone and with others.

Reflecting on Service (video)
How does volunteer service really address big problems. Reflection can be part of the answer.
Leading Reflection
Questions and encouragement to help you to go to the next level of engagement.
Community Issues
From animals to HIV, the Hands On Network Citizen Academy is a great place to find out more about issues in your community.
Connect with others
Create a user profile now and find people like you - who are serving and learning all the time.
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