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Climb Miami

Climb Miami

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Saturday, April 18th 2009
5th Annual Climb Miami – Miami-Dade
Climb Miami will be held on Saturday, April 18th 2009 at the Wachovia Financial Center in downtown Miami. Over 1,000 participants will take part in this vertical 55 story race, which is professionally timed and ranked with start times every 30 seconds. Trophies are awarded in a variety of categories giving participants an opportunity to compete against the clock and conquer their quest to climb 1,210 steps! The proceeds benefit lung cancer research, education, and prevention programs. Many of our climbers are racing on behalf of someone with lung disease. 

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Tags: American Lung Association
Start Date: 18 April, 2009
End Date: 18 April, 2009
Location: Miami, Florida (33131)

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