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Hands On Schools/Chicago Cares - CMOS 2006 - Tilden High School Career Community Academy

Hands On Schools/Chicago Cares - CMOS 2006 - Tilden High School Career Community Academy

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Chicago Cares’ Hands On Schools 2006 Corporate Month of Service Project took place on September 26, 2006 at the Tilden High School Career Community Academy. A total of 590 volunteers participated in the project, which was a record number for The Home Depot, logging 3,540 volunteer hours


  • Constructed new book cases for the library
  • Painted stairwells
  • Landscaped the school grounds
  • Replaced room numbers on classrooms
  • Painted the interior hallways of this 4 ½ story school.  

The project represented the pride and spirit of The Home Depot associates. Stores and districts made banners, brought balloons, and created t-shirts and customized arm bands with their store numbers on them as part of a spirit competition.


Quotes from participants:
“I am glad to be a part of something so positive. This project will make a huge impact in the community.”
“It was awesome to get to work with and meet associates from all over the area. We really made a difference together.”
“I had a great time helping the community. I will definitely volunteer from now on.”
“Sign me up for next year's project. This was an amazing feat and I am glad that I was a part of it.”
“This is the kind of project that really makes people feel proud of donating labor and time.”


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Impact Area(s): Children & Education
Tags: Hands On Schools
Start Date: 26 September, 2006
End Date: 26 September, 2006
Location: Chicago, Illinois ()

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