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Hands On Schools/Hands On Greater Buffalo - St. Augustine's Scholar Program

Hands On Schools/Hands On Greater Buffalo - St. Augustine's Scholar Program

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Hands On Greater Buffalo’s Hands On Schools Earth Day/National Youth Service Day project took place on April 19, 2007 at St. Augustine's Scholar Program.  A total of 432 volunteers came together on the project day, including 119 volunteers from The Home Depot, leveraging a total of 2,592 volunteer hours. The project began with as a $80,000 project and finished as a $250,000 project, largely due to the student’s fundraising efforts. The students are proud to tell the story of the gym floor which they purchased before securing the funds they needed as we are proud to tell of the local firefighters who not only built a beautiful theatre room but who also committed to be a part of any future projects. Other highlights of the project include the gazebo, which was built by TLC’s Andrew Dan-Jumbo built and the planter benches, built by 15 young men from an area high school that St. Augustine students aspire to attend.  Students at St. Augustine are extremely proud of their perseverance in the face of extreme challenge, and grateful for what they learned from their project – that the best practice is that of developing relationships and falling in love with the people your project serves – for it is the people that make the school. 

Hands On Greater Buffalo successfully completed the following projects:


  • Local firefighters donated seats and posters in their creation of a theatre room with stadium seating, projector, and screen
  • Painted and cleaned 5 bathrooms
  • Painted and renovated 5 classrooms on the 1st floor (including 2 murals, 4 teachers’ desks, used-desks for all 7 classrooms, and 5 storage units)
  • Created a game room and locker room
  • Built an outdoor gazebo (with the help of Andrew Dan-Jumbo from TLC)
  • Constructed 4 benches
  • Planted 12 trees and 51 shrubs
  • Painted 10 hallways, 5 indoor murals, and created 1 photographic mural (of pictures from the day of the project) to decorate the hallway T
  • Added 15 pieces of art work to the school, 4 inspirational quotes to the hallways Created 2 community gathering spaces to the school
  • Added 24 computers, 1 projector/teacher aid and updated software and wiring systems.



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Tags: earth day, Hands On Schools, nysd
Start Date: 19 April, 2007
End Date: 19 April, 2007
Location: Buffalo, New York ()

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