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Hands On Schools/ Make a Difference (Phoenix) - Valley View School

Hands On Schools/ Make a Difference (Phoenix) - Valley View School

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Make a Difference’s Hands On Schools Earth Day/National Youth Service Day project took place on April 21, 2007 at Valley View School. During the project, students worked with school staff to design implement projects that will launch the schools Four R's program--Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Repair.
Make a Difference exceeded their goals around volunteer numbers by engaging 510 volunteers (including 153 from the community).  The corporate volunteers thoroughly enjoyed working alongside students and community members, and community members were excited to have so many committed volunteers who were NOT from their community.  The Hands On Schools model created energy and buy-in from volunteers.


Together they created a new and improved Valley View School, impacting 700 students. 
Volunteers created an outdoor classroom, refurbished 17 benches and tables, added 94 plants and trees to school grounds, and painted/mosaic tiled 8 outdoor murals. Volunteers also added 9 learning or community gardens, renovated 4 animal habitats, built a 3-bin compost system, and installed a water ecosystem. Inside the school, they refurbished a library and an auditorium. In order to improve the outdoor playing space, they renovated/refurbished 4 basketball courts, and added two outdoor games. They also developed a monthly project calendar to continue the good work they started.

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Impact Area(s): Children & Education
Tags: earth day, Hands On Schools, nysd
Start Date: 21 April, 2007
End Date: 21 April, 2007
Location: Phoenix, Arizona ()

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