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Jena 6 @ Georgia Southern

Jena 6 @ Georgia Southern

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The lives of six young black men are being ruined by Jim Crow justice in Jena, Louisiana. The District Attorney has refused to protect the rights of Jena's Black population and has turned the police and courts into instruments of intimidation and oppression.  WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO ABOUT IT? 
Several have indicated an interest in organizing a bus to Jena, LA for 9/20.  Please join toether to make a difference.  The is your planning space.  Use it and the resources of this website to your advantage to create some positive social change. 

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Impact Area(s): Community Enrichment, Human Justice, Justice and Legal Support, Other
Tags: Civic Engagement, Hands On Ogeechee, Jena 6, movement, social justice
Start Date: 6 September, 2007
End Date: 31 October, 2007
Location: Statesboro, Georgia (30458)

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