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Simple Painting Project

Simple Painting Project

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Project Description
Painting is an easy way to engage many volunteers while assisting partner organizations with renovations. Simple painting projects to consider are walls(interior and exterior), school classrooms or cafeterias, bedrooms or other living areas at a shelter or group home, park, or neighborhood block wall fences. This activity is great for episodic service or one-time group projects which require little or no predetermined skill level from volunteers.
Targeted Outcomes and Benefits

  • Engage volunteers of various skill levels in "Hands-On" service
  • Support organizations with labor intensive painting needs
  • Revitalize peeling or othe dilapidated conditions

Materials Needed

  • VOLUNTEERS- the bigger the task, the more volunteers needed.
  • paint- determining the amt. of paint necessary will depend on measurement of what is to be painted
  • primer- (if needed)
  • paint brushes
  • drop cloths
  • paint rollers
  • paint can openers and stir sticks
  • paint rollers and roller covers
  • paint panss with disposable paint pan liners
  • paint buckets
  • rags and paper towels
  • ladders
  • tape- (blue painters tape recommended)

Estimated Time and Cost

  • The estimated time needed to complete ant painting project depends on the intricacy of the area being painted
  • Costs vary depending upon the different types and quantities of supplies needed.
  • Having partner organizations to sponsor supplies needed can save an organization money
  • Shopping at arts and craft stores and discounted paint supply stores can save money

Project Details

Impact Area(s): Disaster Relief Services, Environment, Renovation, Revitalization and Repair, Poverty, Family Services: General, Community Enrichment, Arts and Culture
Tags: community-oriented, Fun
Start Date: 1 January, 2007
End Date: 31 December, 2007
Location: Statesboro, Georgia (30458)

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