Safety Tips

The Be Hands On web site is a tool designed for individuals to track their volunteer hours, social action and to create projects to engage their friends in making the world a better place. However, the platform uses tools that allow individuals to connect with one another, invite each other to projects and share interests. We strongly encourage parents to work with their children together to create profiles and track their volunteer experiences.

Don't forget that your profile is publicly viewable (if you didn't click private in the set-up of your account). As a parent, sit down together with your child and review your child's project pages. Do not give out full names, addresses, school names, or other personally identifiable information. Use avatars as pictures instead of actual personal photos if you are under 18. When adding friends to your profile, be careful to add only people that you know. Some people may not be who they say they are. Inappropriate postings will be grounds for canceling your account. If you see any inappropriate content please click on the "flag this as inappropriate" link that is posted throughout the site. Think before posting photos, intimate details or other things that might not be how you would like to have yourself viewed in the future. Remember that this information may be available online for a long time. If you misrepresent your age (13 years old or younger and you pretend to be older, or over 18 and pretend to be younger) we will cancel your membership.

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