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How to Get Them Talking

You can help volunteers reflect on their service in lots of different ways. Volunteers can have a group discussion, write about their experience, create a photo-journal of the activity, or respond to quotes about service. Be creative and allow for interaction. Encourage each volunteer to contribute to the reflection exercise and make sure that all volunteers have an opportunity to share their thoughts.

Here are some sample questions for reflection discussion:

  • What did you learn today—about the issue, your fellow volunteers, the service recipients, or yourself?
  • How do you feel about the project? Was it worthwhile? Was it time well spent?
  • What would you change about this project?
  • Do you plan to take future action related to this issue?
  • What other ideas or opinions can you offer this program or project?

Reflection isn’t limited to group discussion. Be creative in how you offer reflection activities. People express themselves in different ways, so provide reflection options that will interest your volunteers.
Here are some other ideas and suggestions:

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