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How To Manual Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • About this How-to Manual
    • About the Hands On Schools Initiative
    • About Hands On Network
    • About The Home Depot
    • Commonly Used Terms and Definitions
    • Working with Your Community to Build a Hands On Schools Program
    • What is a School Renewal Project?
    • What are Transformational Community Engagement Projects?
  • Chapter 2: Plan the Project
    • Determine the Benefits
    • Identify Your Potential Partners
    • Build Your Relationships
    • Build Community Engagement
    • Community Design Process
    • Recruit and Train Volunteer Leaders and Keep Them Informed
    • Complete the Plan
    • Confirm all the Details
    • Additional Resources
      • 2a: Project Checklist
      • 2b: Project Development Form
      • 2c: Volunteer Recruitment
      • 2d: Tools & Supplies
      • 2e: Knowing Your Supply Needs & Resources
      • 2f: MY School! Planning Session
      • 2g: Plans & Priorities Planning Session
  • Chapter 3: Training Your Volunteers
    • What Every Volunteer Leader Should Know
    • What Skills are Necessary to Be a Great Volunteer Leader?
    • Training Your Volunteer Leaders
    • What it Takes to Succeed
    • Additional Resources
      • 3a: Sample Volunteer Training Agenda
  • Chapter 4: Lead the Project
    • Provide an Orientation
    • Manage the Volunteers and the Project
    • Mid-Day Assessment
    • Close the Project
    • Additional Resources
      • 4a: Incident Report Form
      • 4b: Maintenance Evaluation Form
  • Chapter 5: Evaluate the Project
    • Information to Track
    • Elements of a Successful Project
    • Volunteer Recognition & Rewards
    • Additional Resources
      • 5a: Project Evaluation Form
      • 5b: Sample E-mail Communications
  • Chapter 6: Sustaining Your Project
    • Sustaining Your Project Through Service Learning
    • A Sample Guide to Service Learning
    • What is Service Learning?
    • Three Steps to a Service Learning Conversation
    • Preparing for Your Service Learning
  • Chapter 7: Fundraising
    • Raising Your Match and Funding Your Project
    • Determining a Timeline
    • Deciding on Fundraising Events
    • Developing a Target Solicitation List
    • Fundraising Guidelines
    • Friend Raising
    • Fundraising Ideas
    • Funding Opportunities for Hands On Schools Programs and the Youth They Serve
    • Grant Writing
    • Technology Grants, Donations, and Resources for Schools, Students, and Nonprofits
    • Additional Resources
      • 7a: Sample Grant Application
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