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Lesson Plans Guide Table of Contents

  1. About this Lesson Plan Guide
  2. Classroom Projects
    1. Community “BEE-haviors”
    2. Independence Day Web Hunt
    3. What is community?
    4. What Makes a Good Community?
    5. Community Letter Writing
    6. Alphabet Book
    7. Celebrating Diversity
    8. Feeding Minds Feeding Hunger
    9. In the Community: Honoring Those Among Us
    10. Even So Thankful – for Thanksgiving
    11. Humans: Who are we?
    12. Racism: Law and Attitude
    13. Population Diversity and Human Rights
    14. Nutrition and Food Science
  1. Outdoor Learning and School Enhancement
    1. What is this? Bulletin Board
    2. Bulletin Board Ideas
    3. Traveling the World
    4. Regions of the World
    5. Understanding Time: A Sundial
    6. Build the Continents
    7. The Continent Game
    8. Wonders of the World
    9. Non-Objective Art
    10. See the World!
    11. Too Free, Or Not Too Free?
    12. Creating a School-Wide Poll to Examine Personal Freedoms
  1. Landscaping
    1. Animal Habitats: Learn About Animals and Where They Live
    2. Litter Crusader Project
    3. Nature Journaling Project
    4. Planting a Native American Garden
    5. Painting Endangered Rainforest Animals
    6. I’m a Nature Custodian!
    7. What’s in a Garden?
    8. Part to Whole: an Ecosystem
    9. Plants, Soil, and Nutrients, Oh my!
    10. Ecosystems in a Box
    11. Biomes: Forests & Seeds
    12. The Importance of Tropisms
    13. Scattering Seeds
    14. Looking for Biodiversity
    15. Plant Pollination
    16. Talking Trash
    17. Acting Locally
    18. Make it a Habitat
    19. Numbers in Nature
    20. Energy and Cars: What does the future hold?
    21. Elements of Biology: Ecosystems
  1. Outdoor Learning and Enhancement Projects
    1. Food Chain Lesson
    2. Teamwork
    3. Scavenger Hunt for Lengths
    4. Mathematical Kick/Punch Ball
    5. Measure For Measure: Lengths and Heights
    6. Recreation Area Projects
    7. You Be the Coach
    8. Quests for Better Health
    9. Design and Implement a Personal Fitness Plan
  1. Technology Related Projects
    1. E-pals Around the World
    2. Africa’s Struggle With AIDS
    3. Acid Rain in Our State
    4. A (Class) Room of One’s Own
    5. Exploring Fuel Cell Technology

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