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Project Plan

Below is sample planning tool with topics and questions that can help you create a comprehensive project plan. A written plan will be vital in keeping you on track and organized throughout your service activity. You will most likely need to add or remove certain topics, depending on the nature of your particular project. Just remember to check and double check this again during the weeks or days leading up to and during your service activity for key pieces of information that you may have left off. You can download a form like this one or create your own.

  • Basics
    1. Service Activity (brief description)
    2. Issue Area
    3. Location
    4. Date
    5. Start Time
    6. End Time
    7. What are the goals of this activity?
    8. Who/what will benefit from this activity?
    9. What will the benefits be?
  • Project Leader(s)
    1. Name
    2. Phone
    3. e-mail
  • Contingency Plans
    1. Briefly describe back-up activities
    2. How can this activity proceed in the event of inclement weather?
    3. Are other events or projects occurring on-site that day? (yes or no)
    4. If yes, what is the impact on this activity?
  • Safety
    1. What potential dangers exist while performing service activity?
    2. Emergency Contact
    3. Phone
    4. Briefly describe safety/emergency plan
  • Volunteers# Volunteers needed
    1. Will volunteers pre-register? (yes or no)
    2. If yes, how?
    3. If pre-registered, how will you keep track of volunteer contact and info?
    4. Things to bring or wear
    5. What time should volunteers arrive?
    6. Will there be an orientation/training before service activity?
    7. If yes, describe the details of the training
  • Material/Site Details
    1. Are food and beverages provided? (yes or no)
    2. If yes, who will provide?
    3. Does the service site have restroom facilities? (yes or no)
    4. If no, what is the alternative?
    5. Is the project site accessible for persons with disabilities? (yes or no)
    6. If no, what is the alternative?
    7. Provide detailed driving/public transit directions to the service site (if needed)
    8. Where should participants park?

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