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Resource List

Brainstorm all the resources and materials you will need for the service activity. This could include supplies, materials, or services. Think about everything from paint and meeting space to printing and T-shirts.

When creating a comprehensive resource list, try to include as much information as possible

  • Write down what resources do you need and why - include a description of the purpose for the resource. * Include the amount of the resource needed (i.e. 8 shovels, 100 fliers printed, etc).
  • Specify how you will obtain the material or resource - will someone donate what you need, or will you have to purchase it?
  • Make sure to include the estimated cost of everything.
  • If necessary, also include the names of the people responsible for securing which item and deadlines by which they must be obtained.

Available to download is a form you can print and use to create a fully comprehensive resource list.

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