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Tool Kit Sample Project Ideas

Create a Decorative Tile Mosaic
Mosaics can be applied to a variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Students will be asked decorate tiles incorporating a theme into their illustrations. The tiles will then be assembled as a mosaic.

Suggested Age Group: children, teens (for decorating tiles), teens, adults (for assembling mosaics)
Suggested Number of Volunteers: varies based on size of mosaic
Skill Level: Moderate-Difficult
Time: 2-4 hours plus drying time

A Seat for Social Justice
The project turns donated bus seats into public art work that commemorates Rosa Parks, Dr. King, and other leaders who worked to advance social justice during the Civil Rights Movement. It was developed by Sam McKenzie during Hands On Atlanta’s 2006 Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Summit. Five artists created seat concepts for completion by 125 volunteers. The completed seats have been displayed at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, libraries, schools, City Year Headquarters and The King National Historic Site.

Suggested Age Group: children, teens, adults
Suggested Number of Volunteers: 4-6 per seat
Skill Level: easy
Activity Time: 2.5 hours for project; 30 minutes for discussion

Install/Upgrade a Motherboard
Changing a motherboard is the ultimate upgrade project, the PC equivalent of a heart or lung transplant. But with the pace of processor, RAM, and bus speed improvements, it’s a project that’s often well worth the effort involved.

Suggested Age Group: adults
Suggested Number of Volunteers: 1-5 (depends on number of computers)
Skills Level: difficult
Prep Time: 1 hour
Time: 1-2 hours

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