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Tool Kit Table of Contents

  1. What is Hands On Schools?
  2. About the Tool Kit
  3. Categories of Projects
  4. Knowing Your Supply Needs and Resources
  5. Classroom Projects
    1. “Magic” Reading Carpets
    2. Create a Signature Quilt
    3. Corkboard Art
    4. Create a Decorative Tile Mosaic
    5. Build Reading Nooks
    6. Build a Bookshelf
    7. Create a Terrarium
    8. Create a Recycling Center
    9. Create a Theater
    10. Build a Darkroom
    11. A Seat for Social Justice
    12. Kids in Service Projects
    13. Goody Bags
    14. Get Well Illustrators
    15. Thank You Cards for Volunteers
    16. Create Decorative Pillow Cases for Donation
    17. Creating Picture Books/ABC Books
    18. Words of Inspiration
    19. Creating Laminated Book Marks
    20. Decorative Gift Pots
    21. Make a Bird’s Nest
    22. Building Animal Feeders
    23. 2 Liter Soda Bottle Birdfeeder
    24. Building a Squirrel Feeder
  1. Landscaping Projects
    1. Plant a New Tree
    2. Plant a Shrub
    3. Plant Flowers
    4. How to Lay Sod
    5. Create a Peace Garden
    6. Create a Rustic Flower Garden
    7. Build a Planter Bench
    8. Create Decorative Window Boxes
    9. Create an Outdoor Classroom
    10. Plant a Butterfly Garden
    11. Build a Tricycle/Walking Path
    12. Create a Trashcan Holder
    13. Build a Garden Planter
  1. Technology Related Projects
    1. Install a Memory Module
    2. Install a Wireless PCI Card in a Desktop PC
    3. Install/Upgrade a New Hard Drive
    4. Install/Upgrade a DVD/CDRW Drive
  1. Outdoor Learning and Enhancement Projects
    1. Create an Outdoor Mosaic
    2. Build a Community Bulletin Board
    3. Build a Picnic Table
    4. Build an Outdoor Bench
    5. Leave Something Behind
  1. Painting Projects
    1. Paint a U.S. or World Map
    2. Paint a Mural
    3. Improve Your Restrooms
    4. Painting
    5. Remove Graffiti
  1. Recreation Area Projects
    1. Paint Squares for Games
    2. Refurbish a Soccer Field
    3. Refurbish a Basketball Court
    4. Renovate a Baseball Field
    5. Improve a Football Field
  1. Webliography

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