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Why Keep Track?

It’s important to keep track of your service activities: what you did, how many volunteers participated, the number of hours served, what you accomplished, etc. You can share this information with volunteers, to help them see the value of their service. You should also share it with donors, partners, and other supporters.

Hands On Network asks all SVL’s to keep records of their service activities. Below, you’ll find some easy-to-use tools to help you. You’ll find a volunteer registration form to help you track the volunteers you recruit before the activity. There is also an example sign-in sheet for you to use so you’ll know who volunteers for your activity and if they are interested in volunteering again. The Service Report form serves as an example that has all of the vital information that you should report to Hands on Network about your project.

  • Volunteer Registration - A sample registration form for use in signing up volunteers
  • Volunteer Sign-In - A sample form for volunteers to sign in on the day of a service project
  • Service Report - This is the information that is important to report to Hands On Network or a local Hands On Action Center

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