Hands On Schools

Founded on the belief that communities CAN make a positive change, Hands On Schools applies an innovative approach to school revitalization. By uniting the collective resources of parents, communities, and corporations, Hands On Schools aims to reestablish schools as the focal point of the community.

Research indicates that schools with broad-based community involvement provide more dynamic learning experiences, resulting in higher student achievement. Hands On Schools seeks to cultivate community, school, and civic collaboration to transform schools into dynamic learning centers that foster student achievement and community engagement.

Overall Goals

Renovation: Significantly improve the learning and teaching environments of at least 100 school communities in two years.
Technology: Provide technology resources, expertise, and training to enhance the application of computer innovation, impacting the digital divide facing under-resourced communities.
Engagement: Establish local planning committees, mobilize and train at least 3,000 volunteer leaders to build local capacity for long-term civic engagement and reciprocal school/community partnerships.
Impact: Distribute the Hands On School Box, a comprehensive turnkey product designed to support community based school renovation in thousands of school communities across the country.

National Goals and Impact

Hands On Schools and 100 communities nationwide will work together to implement and raise awareness for Hands On Schools school revitalization and civic engagement programs:

Hands On Schools will recruit and coordinate Local Advisory Committees comprised of students, parents, community members, and members of the business community to develop and implement a collective vision of a reinvigorated school as the focal point of the community.

Through specially designed civic engagement programs, young people in over 100 communities will exemplify the positive effects of community collaboration. Through volunteer action, they will demonstrate this principle to their peers, which will encourage wider participation from the next generation initiating a legacy of service.

The combined efforts of corporate partners and community members results in a multiplier effect—greater impact than a single investor could manage, channeling their core competencies towards renewed school communities.

The Hands On School Box is a comprehensive resource designed to empower and equip people everywhere with the know-how and tools necessary to renew and reestablish their local school as the focal point of the community. Find out more about Hands On School Box.

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